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Get Involved! #ThreehouseStyle

Get Involved! #ThreehouseStyle

We have kept busy this semester by hosting a variety of events, including: Welcome Back Block Party, Bonfire Party, Fall Retreat, First Year Group, Halloween/Hallowinni Night, Random Acts of Kindness, Ingathering, LGBTQA* Conversations, a Lock-In, volunteering at the... read more

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Upcoming 3House Retreat

Imagine a line. The line is the start of a path. The line curves. The path changes direction. The line turns back on itself a couple of times. The path you are following begins to feel like a maze. You know that you are trying to find the center, but it seems like you... read more

Threehouse Events

Threehouse hosts various events where students gather for entertainment and community building such as Panini Night, Game Night, and Community Meals.

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