David Glenn-Burns

David Glenn-Burns

Campus Minister

In my years as the campus minister here at Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation, I feel like I start a new college career each year.  It’s so cool and moving to be with all of the Threehouse family. These college years are such a rich with potential time that I continually find beautiful, creative, insightful vessels of God’s love around here.  I am married to another UMC pastor, Jaymee Glenn-Burns and the father of daughters Allyn and Magee.  I find that it is easy and important  learning from all my Reverse Mentors, family and Threehousians.  Music loving, creativity celebrating, curious inquiry, inclusive community are all things I try to work to instill at Threehouse.  I was raised in an education oriented family in Ohio.  My father and siblings all had/have multiple degrees in education.  To serve at UNI feels like home in many ways.  Thank you for this great privilege.

Email- wesley.dave@cfu.net

My favorite thing about Threehouse:  #threehousestyle
Where is your favorite place/thing to do in the Cedar Valley?  #collegehillartfestival
 If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? #eatingasasuperpower #bringspeopletogether
Jane Strike

Jane Strike

Office Manager


This is my eleventh year of working here at Threehouse, doing the behind the scenes things, like answering the phone, paying the bills and buying supplies for building upkeep. My husband Rich, and I have been married for 31 years (lucky me) and now our two adult children have graduated from college and live in Seattle and Kansas City.  I’d love to be able to spend more time with them, our extended families, and to see more of the great beauty   of the US.

Favorite thing about Threehouse? Our welcoming, casual, caring  atmosphere!

Favorite thing to do in the Cedar Valley? The summer activities, like the Sturgis Falls and College Hill Arts Festivals and the wide variety of parks and nature trails.

If you could have any superpower? The ability to fly!

Kate Kitzman

Kate Kitzman

CVR Program Director

I started at Threehouse in August of 2016 as the Program Director of the Center for Vocational Reflection. In that role, I work with students to explore vocational discernment through a theological lens. I like to ask questions such as “What are you called to do?” and “How can you help make the world a better place by being happy with and passionate about your chosen field?”

I feel very blessed to be working for a Wesley Foundation, as United Methodist Campus Ministry has so deeply shaped my family. I met my husband, Dennis, through the Wesley Foundation at the University of Iowa when I was a rehabilitation counseling grad student and he was a pharmacy student. In honor and appreciation for the Methodist founding of our family, we named our first son Wesley (though he goes by Wes). Our younger son is named Daniel. Both boys love going to work with me when they are not in school.

Jordan Derhammer

Jordan Derhammer

Student Leadership and Involvement Coordinator

This is my first year working at Threehouse, I was an active participant at Threehouse as an undergrad at UNI. I am the Seminarian in Residence, which is fancy talk for being called the ministry intern. I live at the GreenHouse, the Intentional Christian Living Community behind 3House. At Threehouse I work with students, plan  events, and set up Wednesday night worship. I love Threehouse because I am allowed to explore what God is calling me to do with my life.

Fun Facts:
I love cats!
On Thursday’s you can find me watching Grey’s Anatomy
I occasionally like to do crafts
Photography is a small hobby of mine
Megan Capek

Megan Capek

Development and Sustainability Coordinator

I am the Development & Sustainability Coordinator at Threehouse. I work with development things like fundraising, grantwriting and overall financial sustainability for the organization. You will also find me helping plan activities and prepare for worship each week.  I am a recent graduate of UNI, where I learned about nonprofit management.  I love working in a place that allows me to be who I am, learn on the job, and work together for the good of the community.


Student Leaders

President- Robin Kime Vice President- Ashley Wurster
Treasurer- Elizabeth Denniston Communications- Austin Newland
 Secretary- Etienne Prayers- Kaitlyn Bailey
Presence- Jacob Horn Gifts- Megan Meyer
Service- Emily Tull  Witness- Anne Langebartels

Board of Directors

Stephanie Arensdorf Wendi Gillan  Nate Nims
Diana Blake AbbyLynn Helgevold  Lee Nicholas
Robin Cooper Trevor Hendrickson  John Rothlisberger
 Julie DeSloover

Pat Van Hauen

Kristina Kofoot

Steve Williams

 Lesley Toma

Alexis Holmes

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